Why Chase With Tempest Tours?

  • Experienced Storm Chasers. That's what it's all about. The Tempest Tours Team possesses a thorough knowledge and feel for severe weather forecasting and the ability to identify and intercept the most significant weather of the day.
  • Solid Intercept Record. We are able to achieve this high intercept rate because of the logistical and forecasting skills we have developed over many years.
  • Cutting Edge Technology. We utilize the latest weather tracking and radar tools and systems.
  • Safe, Comfortable, Reliable Vehicles. Our company-owned heavy duty vans are modified to carry a maximum of only 8 passengers for enhanced comfort and safety. They are carefully maintained, commercially insured, clean and smoke-free. And, we never operate more than two vans per tour.
  • A Commitment To Safety. Our staff receives thorough safety training every year. And, all drivers are screened and approved by our insurance underwriter. At Tempest Tours, safety is priority.
  • A Dedication To Education. We believe that all guests should leave their expedition with a better understanding of how our dynamic atmosphere works. We provide weather briefings and presentations to help meet that goal.
  • Commercial Grade Insurance. Before the company began operations, we obtained a commercial insurance policy to compliment our commitment to safety. Read A Tour Operator's Responsibility to be Insured. We carry commercial insurance as required by the National Tour Association.
  • We're Down To Earth. Our team is friendly and unpretentious. Our vehicles are simple but safe and reliable. And, we are here for our guests, sharing our knowledge and making sure they receive a unique, quality experience.
  • Honesty. Our tornado intercept numbers are honest, and our counting methodology conservative. The tornado events we report are legitimate. Our storm photos are real and captured by our team.