A Tour Operator's Responsibility

With careful attention to safety, storm chasing is not a particularly risky endeavor.  Because storm chasing requires driving hundreds of miles across the plains each day, it is driving and traffic that provide the greatest risk.  Weather hazards are minimal in comparison.  If a tour operator requires its staff to adhere to all traffic laws, practice safe driving habits, and to be knowledgeable of weather hazards and the action each demands, it is likely that they can perform without incident.  

However, despite these efforts, there is risk involved, as with any other activity that involves driving and being outdoors.  For this reason, our company has acquired commercial insurance coverage that meets or exceeds what is adequate for the type of activity we perform.  Our coverage includes one million dollars general liability and commercial-level personal injury protection.  Standard, personal automobile coverage that other operators may posses falls short of a commercial policy.

If personal protection is important to you, then you should ask the tour operator these questions:

  • Does your staff track storms responsibly by adhering to traffic laws, and by employing safe practices while near severe weather?
  • Does your company posses a comprehensive commercial policy that provides for limits of at least one million dollars general liability and $10,000.00 personal injury, per person?

If the answer to either questions is no, then another operator should be considered.

Please contact us with any questions.