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Voyage Dallas

Meet Martin Lisius of Tempest Tours Chasing Expeditions in Arlington

As the president, CEO and founder of Tempest Tours, my primary job is safety. I am the self-appointed risk manager. I make sure our operations are as safe as possible. I’m happy and blessed to work with a fantastic team. Yes, they are my friends, but more importantly, they are super smart, funny and real pros. Read more...


Los Angeles Times

Looking for a Stormy Vacation Partner?

You might call this tour a cross between "Survivor" and the Discovery Channel. While most people try to avoid bad weather on vacation, the participants in Tempest Tours' "Storm Chasing Expeditions" will be looking for it. Read more...

Boston Globe

Boston Globe

A Perfect Storm

Oh, what a beautiful evening it is in the Oklahoma Panhandle. The sunset blazes orange, cattle graze on yucca flowers, and prairie grasses wave serenely toward the horizon. At least, on one side of Highway 412. On the other, a massive supercell rates low over the land. Read more...

The New York Times

TOUR; Bad Weather? Good!

Some vacationers seek sunny weather. For others, Tempest Tours offers storm-chasing expeditions. Experienced storm chasers (who take a cautious approach) lead 10-day tours from Oklahoma City and Denver in May and June. Read more...



Storm chasing: Science, thrill-seeking or tourism?

A menacing tornado churned behind Mike Eilts as the storm chaser's truck sped away. It seemed like the perfect escape, until Eilts realized he was barreling toward a dead end. Read more...

Living Magazine

Chasing the Wind

"For many of our guests, this is the adventure of a lifetime," Lisius said. "The take a tour with us as a one-time 'bucket list' experience, and then return year after year." Read more...

Entrepreneur Magazine

Storm Chaser Turns Entrepreneur

"We'd been storm-chasers for a long time, and people would ask if they could go with us," Lisius says. So in 2000, he started Tempest Tours, working with a climatologist, a tornado scientist and one van. Read more...

The Baltimore Sun

Scavenger Hunt

Most people run for cover when spring storms hit, but not those at Tempest Tours. Instead, they actually chase the storms, and you can tag along. Read more...

Travel Weekly

Texas tornado chasers launch tour operation

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Tempest Tours, a new tour operation headed by three veteran storm chasers, will begin storm-chasing expeditions this spring in what enthusiasts call Tornado Alley. Read more...