Do Something Amazing This Year


Tempest Tours is the most respected storm chasing tour company in America. Since our founding in 2000, we've provided a unique educational adventure to hundreds of happy guests from around the world.


Rely On Our Experience

With decades of combined storm chasing experience, our team is among the best anywhere. They consists of trained storm spotters, a climatologist, severe weather research meteorologist, wind meteorologist, and a National Weather Service meteorologist. 

See The Best Storms

Approximately 9 out of 10 of our expeditions intercept a tornado.  Some see multiple tornadoes. We employ the latest weather radar and tracking hardware and software, redundant GPS and weather information systems to help us locate the best storm of the day.

Stay Safe While Chasing

Safety is our top priority. We use heavy-duty vans modified to carry a maximum of only 6-7 passengers for enhanced comfort and safety. All tour drivers are approved by our insurance company. And our staff attends a rigorous safety training orientation annually.

...there is no other truth except the truths we discover in nature.
— Luther Burbank