The Tempest Tours Team

Photo by Marcia Perez

Photo by Marcia Perez

Ready for adventure. You're looking at the real deal, and arguably the most successful storm chasing team in America. The Tempest Tours team of veteran storm chasers have nearly 200 years of combined experience chasing storms. It's in their blood. We were chasing tornadoes before Twister was scribbled on a napkin by Michael Crichton.

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Tempest Tours places safe and responsible conduct above all else. Our staff receives an annual orientation which centers around strict safety guidelines. All drivers must be approved by our insurance company prior to each season.  We have maintained commercial insurance since the founding of our company in 2000 (required for National Tour Association membership). All members of our team are licensed radio operators and trained storm spotters. We relay reports of dangerous weather to the National Weather Service (NWS) and local emergency management. Other contributions made to the community include: severe weather education presentations for emergency management and forecasters, research which has led to improved warning times for the public, assisting NWS with storm event confirmation, and post-storm cleanup and assistance.

FUN FACT: Some of our staff members, Martin Lisius, Bill Reid and Chuck Doswell, appeared in the award-winning documentary, "The Chasers of Tornado Alley". Want to watch it? Go to our store or Vimeo.

Our Advisory Board: Eric Meola, Kathy Newton and Lisa Beal