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Title: "Chasing the Wind"
Length: 30 minutes.
Format: VHS
Price: $9.95, plus $2.95 S/H

Since its Public Television broadcast premier in 1992, Chasing the Wind has become an American favorite. This award-winning documentary is the first program produced entirely about the unique science called "storm chasing."  Ride along with storm chasers as they track the deadly but elusive tornado across America's Great Plains. Their strategy and dedication pay off as they intercept one of the most spectacular tornado outbreaks in recent history. Chasing the Wind is the original storm chase adventure!  VHS-30 minutes.

"To Mr. Lisius, a fan of severe weather since he was a kid, there's more than science at work in storm chasing. There's also romance."  -Jane Sumner, The Dallas Morning News

"I produced Chasing the Wind to introduce the exciting and unique science of storm chasing to viewers. To my knowledge, it was the first documentary ever produced and aired that was dedicated entirely to this subject. Since then, many programs, and even movies, have been produced about storm chasing. Unfortunately, I think most them fail in presenting accurate information to the viewer. Chasing the Wind captures the spirit of storm chasing and presents it accurately, the way it really happens."  -Martin Lisius, Director

Chasing the Wind has been honored with the following awards: Honorable Mention, 1992 Chicago International Film Festival, Science/Nature Documentary; 1992 NATOA Award, Public Information.

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